6 Ways To Be Sure 2018 is Mediocre

As we leave the doldrums of real estate winter and all the distractions that the holidays bring, we’ve likely developed some bad winter habits. Did you get deep into Christmas shopping and realize that your reserves were growing thin? Well, I’m here to tell you that 2018 could be just as mediocre as 2017 was for you if you want it to be. Let me tell you how: 1 - Don’t answer your phone. This is especially important when unknown numbers call. Let them leave a VM. Or call the next agent they [Continue Reading...]

Image Critical! 4 Ways to Up How People Percieve You.

What do people say and think about you? Not just your clients, but your co-workers, your friends, other agents, and vendors. Real estate is an incredibly relational business, and what people think about you matters – a lot. Many an agent has hoped to have split business and personal images, but I’m here to tell you that it is virtually impossible to pull this off in our field. So, paying attention to your reputation throughout your career can only help. Here are some ideas: Decide what you are [Continue Reading...]

What’s Wrong With My Clients?!?!

In this career, you will encounter people and the choices those people make that will blow your mind. It’s likely that someone out there will think that the best plan for them is to buy a house with their mistress and their best friend, financed by a guy who hangs out behind a gas station with bars on the windows. There are people who want to utilize crazy financing and discuss a hundred niche programs. There are millions of houses, locations, floor plans, and situations. People flock to [Continue Reading...]

The Danger of Warring Against Change

Do you remember this company? You would walk into one of their more than 9,000 stores and turn to the right as you walked to the new releases, usually in backwards alphabetical order.  You would then proceed to walk counter-clockwise along the outside walls around the entire store, viewing every single VHS or DVD video, and storing in your memory the ones you were willing to consider. You'd discuss it with your friend or family member. Most often, you would end up going back to the beginning [Continue Reading...]