6 Ways To Be Sure 2018 is Mediocre

As we leave the doldrums of real estate winter and all the distractions that the holidays bring, we’ve likely developed some bad winter habits. Did you get deep into Christmas shopping and realize that your reserves were growing thin? Well, I’m here to tell you that 2018 could be just as mediocre as 2017 was for you if you want it to be. Let me tell you how:

1 – Don’t answer your phone. This is especially important when unknown numbers call. Let them leave a VM. Or call the next agent they were referred to. It’s probably a telemarketer anyway.

2 – Make promises and don’t keep them. People love it when they’re told they can expect a market analysis or more information on a development, and then they have to follow up to be sure that you remember their request.

3 – Keep running winter hours. I know that over November and December many agents gear down to about half the hours or less than they work in the heat of summer. If you want to keep things slow in 2018? Just stay home and wait for the phone to ring. Run your January similarly to December hours and it’ll work out perfectly for a weak start to the new year.

4 –  Continue not reading books, and not growing your skills. 2017 was probably too busy to invest in your #1 asset: yourself. It’s pretty likely that won’t be a major need in 2018 either, so rest on your laurels and don’t get better at your craft. That’s for other agents.

5 –  Neglect Prospecting. It’s January- you will be busier with clients. There’s simply no need to prospect or develop a prospecting plan when there is already client work directly in front of you. Best to wait until your pipeline dries up completely to start looking for new business.

6 – Learn nothing, and do everything the same as last year. The very best way to ensure that 2018 is flat (or worse) is to continue to operate your business just the way that you did last year. Let other agents learn from their experiences, you just put your head down and plow forward.

I’m hoping that you’re entering this new year with energy and excitement. One of the very best parts about being an agent and business owner is that we’re completely in control of our own destiny. We’ve got an opportunity to make this year great, starting tomorrow. Just kidding, get out there and make it a great year!