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Aggressive Representation. Integrity. Finally.

This has been our tagline for years.  As a company, we believe absolutely in caring for our clients first, and fighting hard for them when necessary.  But we also understand that aggressive representation doesn’t mean that we pick a lot of fights.  We know that our reputation in the market matters to our current clients, but also to the many clients to follow them.  So we’ll pick a fight if needed, and we’ll represent with a smile and a get-along attitude as often as possible.  We’re problem solvers here; hard workers and diligent to help support our clients and their very important needs.

However, the keystone of who we are is integrity- pure and simple.  We don’t tell white lies, and we don’t hide from clients.  We don’t “buy listings” just to get the deal, and we don’t pretend that we’re something we’re not.  We do handle our clients and colleagues with fair and honest advice and guidance.  We do treat our agents fairly, and work hard to always take care of them.  We also treat our office staff like family.  At Ashworth, everyone is respected and valued, not just our clients or superstar agents- everyone.

Agent Driven

At Ashworth, we believe agents should be able to actually make a living, AND we believe agents should get the support they need from the brokerage they’re a part of.  We think this means charging very competitive commission splits, letting our agents keep their money to spend it on their business as they see fit.  We think your brokerage shouldn’t take more and decide how your hard-earned commissions are spent, but help you instead to develop a solid business plan to build a long-term, viable business for years to come.  Spend a little time around us, and you’ll be able to tell that things are different here.

A Different Kind of Broker Support

We think the idea of “broker support” might mean more than you’ve previously experienced.  Is your broker excited to help you make money, or just to get money from you?  Is your broker/office manager active in real estate and still in touch with the business you’re running?  Do you have your broker’s cell phone number and feel comfortable calling them (even nights and weekends)?  If not, you deserve more.  All this and more can be yours, and at a lower cost than you might think!

Professional Image Matters More Than a Name

It can be hard to leave a big box real estate company and move to a less recognized name.  Experience has taught most agents that their personal name and reputation matters far more than the name of the company they’re with.  In fact, more and more clients are actually rejecting the big companies because they assume they cost more, and offer less flexibility.  Our principle broker has been a top seller at RE/MAX, and also worked with a couple of smaller firms, and will tell you from experience how it all played out.  We’ve found that if you don’t have to do an additional 5 deals a year to pay your brokerage higher fees, you can probably sacrifice one a year to a lesser-known brokerage name.  And you might be surprised to find that you don’t lose any business at all.  Realistically, we shouldn’t have to tell you at this point in your career: clients don’t hire your real estate brokerage, they hire you.

If you’re currently in a smaller company, you might be experiencing more attractive splits, but receiving little in the way of office and broker support.  You sure might be amazed when you find a company with similar splits, but offering all the high end image and swagger of a big company.  Prospects need only to trust that you know what you’re doing, and we’re here to help you show them how trustworthy you are.  Our logo, signs, and office environment are set up to make you look good!

Control Your Own Business

Yes, we’re going to collect and look over your files to keep you out of trouble with Commerce.  Yes, we’re going to pay for your E&O Insurance, and ask you to follow all of the laws and the REALTOR Code of Ethics that govern our industry.  But we aren’t going to make you attend weekly meetings or trainings.  We can help you with training if that’s important to you, but we won’t push it on you.  Want to set your own prices on listings?  No problem.  In fact, your split with us won’t be affected if you choose to work at a lower listing rate.  We’ve got a website and it directs your clients to you, but would you prefer to have a personal or team website?  Not only are we ok with that, but we’ll help you set it up!  Oh, and by the way, we’ll never charge you extra for walk-ins and floor calls.  We’re not trying to milk you for all your worth- we’re trying to help you run your business successfully and for long term success- whatever that looks like for you.

Virtual Agents

Ashworth is a wonderful place for the agent that wants to primarily work from home.  We make sure our office culture is always building respect and credibility for the agent that works remotely.  Many great agents today have realized the benefits of working in the field and at a home office, and we’re here to support you.  You’ll get an office email address (if you want one), an office extension (that forwards to your cell phone), and an office to drop into and meet clients when you need to.  Full office support is yours, so why pay for a private office that you don’t want to use?

Traditional Agents and Teams

Ashworth also has a great environment for traditional agents and their teams to thrive.  You’ll find our pay structure to make a lot of sense if you prefer a more traditional office environment, and our office will offer you everything you need, and the support you’ve grown to expect.  You will enjoy better splits throughout each year, and you won’t be expected to “carry” agents that aren’t performing at the level you’ve achieved through your hard work and perseverance over the years.

Also, you can build a successful team or bring one here!  At some point you will reach your own personal capacity, so why not share your knowledge and leads, and take a little off the top for your trouble?  Ashworth will enthusiastically support you and your team including, but not limited to generous “team splits” for your lesser-producing team members, private office space at a very reasonable rate, and broker support for your junior team members as well as you.  No “holding” companies to hide your junior team members, no more being forced to take on the liability for their clients that you’ve never even met, and no more acting as a team but being told you can’t actually be one.  Find a better, more economical way with Ashworth!

Hybrid Agents

Are you somewhere in between?  Not sure what the best solution is for you?  Ashworth has a set-up that welcomes you, and we’ll work with you to help you with the perfect system for the way your business and your life work!

Part Time and New Agents

Are you simply “tolerated” at your current brokerage because you aren’t a huge producer?  We’ve got competitive splits and great support for your business too.  No one wants to appear part time or new to their valuable clients, so let us help your professional image and your business at Ashworth!

Expanding Now

Ashworth is currently headquartered in Coon Rapids on Hwy 10 and Hanson Blvd, and recruiting agents to both this and our Albertville office.  Our offices are available for use by any of our agents at any time 24/7/365, no matter which one you primarily call home.

So Much More…

There’s so much more that we offer that I’ll almost certainly miss something.  Contact me and let us buy you lunch so we can hear all about what makes you and your business unique.  We’re very low pressure.  We always love meeting agents and learning about what drives them, even if they continue work for another firm.  We’ll probably do a deal together some day, and we’ll be glad to already know and like you.  So why not let us buy you lunch or or coffee?

-Matt and Jean, Brokers