Ashworth Real Estate Core Values

At Ashworth we talk a lot about our Core Values and strive daily to make business decisions that support those values. This applies to the Agents we choose to partner with as well. As a real estate broker, we have consciously made the decision to partner with Real Estate Agents who align with our Core Values and are a good fit for our office culture. We aren’t working toward being the next mega-brokerage but have established goals that allow us to coach our agents in building the business they want!  We have defined our Core Values and describe them below. Do your values align?

Client Focused

Our Clients come first! We are in the business of customer service no matter how you view it. We are committed to representing our Clients aggressively, with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Agent Driven

Our Agents are our backbone! Ashworth Agents deliver on our commitment to being Client Focused by providing exceptional customer experiences, continued professional development, and uncompromising representation.

Staff Strengthened

Our Staff provides valuable support necessary for the greatest success of our Agents, Clients, and Ashworth! Their strength provides our Agents the support needed to provide exceptional real estate experiences.

Values Based

We operate Ashworth on basic Christian values! While you don’t need to be a Christian to be a member of our team, you do need to be committed to operating your business with integrity, honesty, and respect for all people.

Mutually United

We maintain an “I can help” attitude toward all parties to accomplish the end goal of providing our Clients with an exceptional real estate experience! We are a team and support each other’s efforts at building a successful, sustainable business.