Image Critical! 4 Ways to Up How People Percieve You.

What do people say and think about you? Not just your clients, but your co-workers, your friends, other agents, and vendors. Real estate is an incredibly relational business, and what people think about you matters – a lot. Many an agent has hoped to have split business and personal images, but I’m here to tell you that it is virtually impossible to pull this off in our field. So, paying attention to your reputation throughout your career can only help. Here are some ideas: Decide what you are [Continue Reading...]

Mailing It In

My first broker asked me in the early weeks of my real estate business how things were going, and I told him it was great and that I loved looking at houses.  He told me something sage-like that I've never forgotten: "Don't love it too much- you don't get paid for looking at houses, you get paid for selling them!"  Wish I had known that before I met the first buyer clients I ever had. We spent some real time together.  We've probably all got some early career stories, but my first client really [Continue Reading...]