Mailing It In

My first broker asked me in the early weeks of my real estate business how things were going, and I told him it was great and that I loved looking at houses.  He told me something sage-like that I've never forgotten: "Don't love it too much- you don't get paid for looking at houses, you get paid for selling them!"  Wish I had known that before I met the first buyer clients I ever had. We spent some real time together.  We've probably all got some early career stories, but my first client really [Continue Reading...]

Bedtimes and Expensive Principles

It was 9:45pm and she was running through the dark streets of downtown Minneapolis, 4 of her kids in tow, ages 2-11.  All the while she was on the phone with me, talking about the type of parent she was and the things that were very important to her regarding the care of her children. She was heading home from a friend's house that particular night, and as my wife and I would be watching her son for an extended period of time in the coming weeks, she felt it wise to share with us some of her top [Continue Reading...]

Off-Season Moves

I'm a Vikings fan. A semi-proud Vikings fan. I haven't always been a Vikings fan, (don't ask what team I used to root for) but it's been many years now that I've known the agony of consistent defeat along with the rest of Purple Nation. In the years that I've been a fan, I've noticed a couple of growing trends that seem to deepen the longer I root for the Vikings: 1) I've begun to expect the same thing year after year (mediocrity), and 2) the most exciting time of the season for me has [Continue Reading...]

Lost in Translation

Several times I've had inexplicable issues arise late in a real estate transaction.  It's not terribly surprising that after more than a decade and hundreds of transactions stuff would come up.  But one of my biggest pet peeves in business is avoidable errors- when something happens that makes a big mess, and knowing it could have been easily circumvented if only one of the two of us (agents) in the transaction had simply followed this one simple step. Most recently, my buyers had an accepted [Continue Reading...]